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Modern Hmong-inspired fashion, designed by Milwaukee-based fashion designer Tena Her. 

Each garment is draped, patterned and made with special attention to details, fine quality, superb construction and excellent workmanship.


Art has always been my favorite subject since I was in elementary school all the way through to college and it has helped build an excellent foundation for my fashion designs. Drawing was my biggest strength and gave me a way to express and be creative with my thoughts and ideas.


When I was 20, fashion design was just another branch of art and creativity that I wanted to dabble in. I fell in love with it instantaneously! From that moment on, even before I attended school for fashion, I started studying, designing, and teaching myself how to sew and pattern. I now have almost 11 years of professional experiences and a total of 17 years of fashion designing experiences under my belt.


​My style and aesthetic are very modern, minimal, sophisticated, feminine and chic. I enjoy creating beautiful, wearable clothes that displays a woman's confidence and strength. With that being said, I still enjoy other areas of fashion design, such as menswear and childrenswear, where I get to challenge myself to even greater lengths.


As a Hmong woman, I want to use my talent and skills to incorporate Hmong elements into my designs and that is why I started this line. Our traditional clothes are truly beautiful and deserving of a greater recognition and homage. I want to create modern and easy-to-wear styles that can continue to evolve year after year, allowing every woman to enjoy and embrace the Hmong culture in a more relevant, practical and effortless way.


-Tena Her

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